Our Services

Racing car sales and locating

Jonathan Kennard Iconic Automobiles specialise in being able to help investors and owner/drivers source, sell and manage their car collections. 


This can be achieved through public listing such as the cars we advertise on our website and in the press. For clients who prefer to deal with their purchases or sales using a more discreet method, this is also possible using our extensive array of contacts which have been built up in the industry over the years. 


Unlocking car performance

Jonathan's skill behind the wheel has helped a number of car owners, teams and championships over the years realize the car's full potential by honing the set-up, using his 21 years of driving experience. Jonathan will work with the team's engineer or on his own to develop a set-up which will not only work well for a seasoned professional but for a driver of any experience.


In some cases this can have the effect of raising the car's value by showcasing the true ability of the car which may up until the testing, have been wrongly judged. 


Additionally Jonathan has worked with tyre manufacturers to develop different compounds and constructions to maximise their tyre performance for a range of different types of cars.

Professional driver coaching

Jonathan has worked with many drivers over the years, helping them to extract their full potential. Jonathan has worked with drivers in historic and modern racing in a vast array of different championships.


Jonathan loves to help and see drivers hit their goals in this amazing sport and go on to fight at the front of their championship.


Jonathan has developed a reputation over the years as a fast and reliable racing driver.


Jonathan has driven a huge array of racing cars from British Touring Cars, Classic F1, Classic Sportscars, Le Mans Prototypes, DTM, American Muscle Touring cars, Can-Am, modern single seaters and recent Formula One cars.


If you or your team could benefit from Jonathan's speed and knowledge please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Racing car preparation

Being involved in both modern and historic racing for two decades, we are able to offer an advisory service where we can find the right team to operate your classic or modern racing car. We will only ever work with the very best racing teams to make sure this key area of car performance is maximised to be able to help you reach your goals in motorsport. Contact Jonathan for advice on your car preparation needs.